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Once you’ve got your gorgeous new website up and running, it needs to do way more for you than just sitting there looking pretty.

We can help you if…


Your ‘marketing plan’ is posting on social media but you’re not very consistent and you don’t have any real strategy.


There are so many marketing activities you know you should be doing that you feel completely overwhelmed, so you end up doing nothing.


You're tired of watching endless YouTube videos and signing for webinars you never watch. You just want to be told what to do and in what order.


The Marketing Fix

It’s our monthly membership for creative businesses who are ready to get serious about their marketing and who need expert help, strategy, accountability and feedback.

Building your website is just the start of the journey (and of course we’ll teach you how to do that too). But what you do with it afterwards is what counts.

The Marketing Fix is helping hundreds of creative business owners smash their marketing, book more clients and make more money. It’s a wonderfully supportive community, with live training, courses, downloadables, social events and more.


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Our Facebook group, The Design Space Lounge, is full of creative entrepreneurs just like you. We hold regular live training sessions, post tips and tutorials and it’s where you can ask ANY question about websites, branding or building your business without feeling self conscious.

It’s a safe space and you don’t need to be a customer to join.

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How To Decide What To Do Next In Your Business

How To Decide What To Do Next In Your Business

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own". During a coaching session last week, a member kindly shared this awesome quote by Bruce Lee with me (thanks Kirsten!). Over the last few weeks, I've been really focusing on helping...

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The 5 Building Blocks You Need to Scale Your Business

The 5 Building Blocks You Need to Scale Your Business

“If whatever you’re doing isn’t working, don’t do it harder. This is like waking up behind the wheel of a car, realising you’ve drifted off the highway and flooring the gas pedal in response.” This is a direct quote from Oprah Winfrey’s life coach, Martha Beck, and if...

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