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Once you’ve got your gorgeous new website up and running, it needs to do way more for you than just sitting there looking pretty.

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Your ‘marketing plan’ is posting on social media but you’re not very consistent and you don’t have any real strategy.


There are so many marketing activities you know you should be doing that you feel completely overwhelmed, so you end up doing nothing.


You're tired of watching endless YouTube videos and signing for webinars you never watch. You just want to be told what to do and in what order.


The Marketing Fix

It’s our monthly membership for creative businesses who are ready to get serious about their marketing and who need expert help, strategy, accountability and feedback.

Building your website is just the start of the journey (and of course we’ll teach you how to do that too). But what you do with it afterwards is what counts.

The Marketing Fix is helping hundreds of creative business owners smash their marketing, book more clients and make more money. It’s a wonderfully supportive community, with live training, courses, downloadables, social events and more.


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Create Your Social Content In 15 Minutes Per Day

Create Your Social Content In 15 Minutes Per Day

If you've read the excellent book by Tim Ferris, The 4 Hour Work Week, you'll be familiar with this quote.  "Doing less is the path of the productive."TIM FERRIS One of the things that's worked REALLY well for me this year in terms of extracting the maximum value...

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How To Stop Procrastinating

How To Stop Procrastinating

Do the hardest thing first Bonjour everyone! I’m writing this blog post today from sunny France, where I have been fully committed to cheese-eating and wine-drinking for the last week. Along with the cheese-eating, I've also fallen into a new habit. Sea swimming and...

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