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The list, the list, the money is in the email list. How many times have you heard this, thought you really should do something about starting one, and then done nothing? It might be because you’re not even quite sure why you would have an email list. Does sending newsletters and offers to people really work? Possibly, but that’s only a very small part of what you can do when your website, your email list and your social media channels are connected and working together to achieve your specific marketing goals. Let me tell you about the big picture, because the big picture is actually known as a marketing funnel.



You might have head the term ‘funnel marketing’ or ‘building a funnel’, but dismissed it as something complicated, or only for big businesses. In simple terms, a funnel is where you introduce brand new prospects to your business (sometimes called cold leads) and you warm them up by slowing introducing them to your business and your brand until they are ready to buy from you. This is a time-proven sales strategy and it works whether you’re looking for more families to photograph or selling a product online from your website. And these days, we have some very sophisticated free digital marketing tools at our fingertips, but very few of us are using them to their full potential. Here’s how it can work. A simple marketing funnel looks like this.

Already, I’m sure you can see where your business aligns with this model. You already have followers on social media, people who visit your website and you have existing customers. You just want more of them, right? And to do that, you need to keep finding cold leads to feed into the top of your funnel. That’s what most businesses struggle with and actually, some cold leads are better than others.



This is where your email list, your website and your social media (specifically Facebook ads) come together to form one brilliant tool. Let’s talk about the quality of those cold leads first. You might currently be trying to reach new leads by posting on social media, boosting posts, asking friends and family to spread the word, going to networking events or submitting to or advertising on blogs. All of those things can work, but you are casting your net very wide and not in a very targeted way. I bet the results are a bit hit and miss. Here’s what you can do instead.

You can take the very specific data you already have (people who interact with you on social media and who visit your website) to build an audience of new cold leads, who look and behave just like them and who you can then target on Facebook and Instagram.

No more randomly boosting posts. No more guessing. Install the Facebook pixel (free lesson here), let it gather data about who visits certain pages in your website, and then use this information to build what’s known as a Lookalike audience.



So let’s say you can now target an audience of new cold leads, who are likely to be very receptive to your brand and message. How can you catch their attention and move them through your funnel, without having to do a lot of work? Here’s what you need to do. You need a ‘lead magnet’ or giveaway which people will happily sign up for in exchange for their email address. It could be a downloadable PDF, ebook or offer. The key thing to remember here is that lead magnets should be simple, easy-to-understand, demonstrate your authority and leave them wanting more. Next, you need to build certain pages in your website so that people can sign up for and download or view their lead magnet. Here’s the sign up page for one of mine. 

If you’re not already on our list, feel free to sign up and see our funnel in action. You also need an email marketing service like Mailchimp to store email addresses and set up an automated response to deliver the lead magnet information and possibly send follow-up emails. Once they’ve enjoyed your lead magnet content, you’ve officially moved them down your funnel to the warm lead stage. This is where you can get really creative. They will be getting to know your brand and business, so now is the time to send them some even more engaging free content that they’ll find genuinely helpful.

Sidenote. Signpost them to blog posts and other areas of their website that support what you are sharing with them because you can retarget your website visitors on Facebook based on the specific pages in your website that they have visited and you can show them specific content on Facebook. It doesn’t have to be a straight-up ad either. You can show them a blog post, a video, or an offer – any piece of content, in fact. If I told you that you could show people who read a specific blog post, a specific offer the next day, wouldn’t you want to do that?



Once your warm leads are reading your follow up emails, moving onto your website to read blog posts and interacting with your brand and business, it’s time to make them an offer because they’ve moved into your hot zone. Make the offer by email. You’re likely to get takers straight away. For those that visit your offer sign-up page, but who don’t buy or sign up, you can retarget with an offer ad on Facebook and Instagram. Some people just need that little nudge. And of course, you can send as many follow up emails as you are comfortable with.



In case this isn’t clear by now, the whole system is automated, from the minute they sign up to receive your lead magnet until the final offer lands in their inbox. Mailchimp and other email marketing tools allow you to automate the whole process from beginning to end and once you get the hang of it, you can build more complex automations that stop and start depending on how your leads behave. Real life examples include ending a series of emails if they buy or moving them into a different series of emails if they click on a certain link. This makes sending out newsletters seem pretty old school. Creating content that will only be used once isn’t the best use of your limited marketing time. If you have the time to do this on top of building your funnel, high five to you. But wouldn’t it better to write a series of brilliant emails once and keep feeding them to a steady stream of new leads?



Once you have your lead magnet and series of emails leading to an offer up and running, you’ve built a simple marketing funnel. Now it’s time to let it run or tweak it if you need to. The very best thing about setting up an automated funnel, is that the results are entirely measurable, down to the last penny. Because you’ve built sign up pages and offer thank you pages, you can set these pages as goals for your Facebook campaigns. You’ll know EXACTLY how much it costs per lead to get them to your offer thank you page or checkout success page. Once you know how much it costs, you can easily tell if your funnel is working. If the cost of getting them to that page meets your goals, then scale it up! If the cost is too high, tweak your content – the lead magnet content, the emails and the Facebook ads. Let’s bring it all together. Here’s our funnel diagram again, with the steps you need to take, broken down.


I’m taking a commonsense approach to GDPR. When it comes to email marketing, at the point of email capture, all that is required is a clear explanation of what they are agreeing to by giving you their email and submitting your sign up form, along with a link to your privacy policy, explaining your data processing, storage and marketing activities (ie. cookie consent, Facebook pixel) in more detail. The only time you need to ask people to check a box, is when you are offering the option to opt in to your marketing activities when they are completing a standard contact form or transaction.




This has been a long post, but if you’ve got this far, you’re now familiar with the basics of funnel marketing. If you’re ready to get stuck in, we have some tools that can help.


1. Get Started With Email Marketing Bundle

If you want to start an email list, create a lead magnet and a simple automated sequence of emails to deliver it, this is for you. We’ve bundled two mini-courses together to help you create your lead magnet, integrate your sign up forms deliver it and get started with automated email marketing. .Also includes the gorgeous Luxury Marketing magazine template below.


2. The Smarter Facebook Ads course

Walks you through every single thing you need to know from creating your lead magnet, building your funnel and using Facebook ads to promote it.


3. The Luxury Marketing Magazine.

Just need a lead magnet template? Cool, we’ve got a gorgeous InDesign template.


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  1. Wasabi Photography

    Some great ideas here. Wish I knew about this stuff five years ago!

  2. Christopher James Hall

    Thus is great. I don’t currently do any email marketing but have been thinking about it. Will have to sit down and digest all of this properly.


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